is bankruptcy the right move for you?is bankruptcy the right move for you?

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is bankruptcy the right move for you?

Are you in financial trouble? Do you know what your options are for getting yourself out of that financial trouble? Unfortunately, it doesn't take a whole lot to mess up the financial stability in a household, but it can take a lot of work and decision making to resolve it. Have you considered filing for bankruptcy? This was one step that I never imagined I would have to take, but have recently had to go through the process due to an illness that prevented me from working for several months. If you are considering bankruptcy, take a moment and visit my website, where you will find a plethora of information that can help you.



A Close Look At The Myths Associated With Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy can be a big financial decision to make. Make sure you know the facts about Chapter 13 bankruptcy before you file.  Myth: All debts you have must be included in the repayment plan.  All debts do not have to be included in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan; you can actually choose to file only on what you want. Therefore, if you have certain accounts that are in good standing that you would prefer to keep as they are, you can do so. Read More 

What Does Your Post-Bankruptcy Credit Future Hold?

It certainly pays to know what might happen to your credit after you file chapter 7 bankruptcy. Unfortunately, many consumers are far too miserable from constant debt collection actions and money troubles to stop and consider what the future might hold. Before you declare bankruptcy, make it a point to know what to expect when considering future home, auto, and credit card debts. Read below and take action to ensure your credit use is wise and informed after a bankruptcy filing. Read More